Danni Bartlett

Occupational Therapist

I was inspired to become an OT when I was seven. I have a younger sister with Down Syndrome and witnessed her many severely reduced function and life skills. I wanted to help families in similar situations to the best of my abilities.

I chose Occupational Therapy as a career path due to my personal experience of disability. I really enjoy seeing the ‘light bulb’ switch on in areas of difficulty, improving the function and life of those with disability through play and hands-on therapy. I apply myself to advocate for those who need support and within the OT industry. 

While at Sensory SMART, I have developed a number of programs 

  1. Social skills - Preschoolers (Ages 3-5) 
  2. Social skills - School-aged (Kindergarten –Year 2) 
  3. Transition to School Programme "Cool for School" (Transition into Kindy)
  4. Transition to High School 
  5. Always changing: Adolescent Boys - Puberty & Hygiene


  • 2015 - current Studying a Masters of OT
  • 2012 - BASc. (Occupational Therapy), Sydney University 
  • Annual updates in Focussed Psychological Strategy Training 

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