Laura Begbie

Laura is an experienced physiotherapist who has work with children with injury and disability for over 25 years.

Laura provides advice, treatments or training for

  • orthopaedic and musculoskeletal issues
  • toe walkers
  • ankle sprains
  • pigeon toes 
  • w-sitters 
  • growing pains e.g. sore heels and knees.

Laura works with your child, their teacher or teachers aide, and OT to develop positioning and exercise programs to ensure the child is best able to learn and interact with their peers or whatever the family's goal is. 

She can assist family members to reduce fatigue on their bodies by providing information or training for:

  • Safety in physical transfers 
  • Manual handling
  • Postural efficiency
  • Lifts for a child with physical disability 
  • Equipment prescription and provision etc

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