Occupational Therapy


If individual services are deemed necessary, these can take place in one of our three specially equipped and designed treatment rooms or at your own home.

Parent Training

Individual sessions or group sessions covering areas such as 'Parenting a Child With a Disability', 'Toilet Time - Teaching Successful Toileting Strategies', 'Sleepwise - Teaching Successful Sleep Strategies'


Carer/Teacher Training/Workshops

PD sessions designed to meet your needs at school, on the playground or in the community

Contact our office to request a specifically tailored package for your workshop/ PD needs


School based sessions are offered widely across the Hastings area. Please discuss your options with your child's therapist

Community Based

E.q. riding a bike, beach or park play, going to the shops, public transport

Home Based

Designed by you and your therapist to work in your home.

Occupational Therapy--